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Racket CUP!

Do you know beach tennis? Not yet? Do you know it but want to learn more about it?

Do not miss it and participate in the event that we have Prepared at Beach Tennis Barcelona Club for racket sports players on Saturday September 29th from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm!

A day designed for racket and beach sports, which will take place in the unique environment of the 11th Trofeu Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona, the most important tournament in the peninsula and one of the most importants in Europe.

During 2 hores we will ask you to give your best, first in the masterclass led by Alba Gamell, number 1 in Spain during 2017, number 1 in Catalonia and representative of the Spanish team, Alba Gamell, and secondly through a guided competition in which you must demonstrate what you have learned to ACHIEVE victory! And defend the colors of your Club!

In the unique environment of the 11th Trofeu Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona we have Prepared a very special space for the little ons :)

Thanks to our partner Decathlon, a Junior Fan zone where the little ons can try beach tennis will be activi throughout the weekend, from 28th to 30th September!

To be able to enjoy this sport you will only have to come to Bogatell s beach and ask for information at the Decathlon zone of the 11th TICB # beachtennisBCN6500.

See you at the beach;). 




At Beach Tennis Barcelona Club we monthly organitzi, in accordance with our philosophy of promoting beach tennis and to increase the number of lovers of this sport, an Open day, a free activity for all those who are  interested in trying beach tennis in Barcelona (children, youth and adults).

The Open Day is structured es an Introductory class and a guided mini-competition.

Why not join?

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